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The Hearing Clinic

It is not always easy to tell if you are losing your hearing.

Common signs include:

- Difficulty hearing other people clearly and misunderstanding what they say especially in noisy places.
- Asking people to repeat themselves
- Listening to music or watching television loudly
- Having to concentrate hard to hear what other people are saying, which can be tiring or stressful

This could just be a build up of naturally ocurring ear wax causing your hearing loss.

Book in for a wax check and we can:

- Inspect your ears and use video-otoscopy which can take a photo inside your ear
- If wax is present we can remove it using dry too, Irrigation (syringing) or us Micro-suction
- All treatments are usually quick and painless
- Once your ears are clear we can perform a 4 point audio check of your ears

Cost of Wax removal services

Dry Tool £15.00 (one ear) £25.00 (two ears)

Irrigation £25.00 (one ear) £40.00 (two ears)

Micro-suction £40.00 (one ear) £75.00 (two ears)

All procedures are carried out by HCPC registered and qualified Audiologist Liam Thompson

Appointments on Saturday mornings are 09.00 - 12.45 at Polegate Podiatry & Health Clinic

Home visits available after 5 o'clock Monday - Friday (no charge for home visit if you are within a 5 mile radius of Polegate)

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