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The Hearing Clinic

Polegate Podiatry & Health Clinic are pleased to announce the arrival of Hearology. A company which provides a full range of ear care services to the residents of Polegate and the surrounding area. This full range of ear care services includes safe and comfortable ear wax removal using microsuction, FREE HEARING TESTS, diagnostic care for hearing impairment, balance issues & tinnitus, customised earphones, customised sleep, swim & frequent flyer ear plugs.

Procedures are performed only by experienced, HCPC registered audiologist Michael Field.

Michael Field a Director and clinical lead audiologist for Hearology has over 30-years experience in Audiology and hearing aid care. Michael has travelled widely with his work including Germany, Cyprus, Singapore and the United States – where he was part of an audiology and speech pathology clinic. He is also a Tinnitus Lay Councillor.

Why do we have ear problems?

Ear wax occurs naturally in the human body – it is produced by the specialised cerumen glands to protect our ears from foreign bodies and microbial organisms, to remove dead skin cells and other debris, and to maintain normal PH levels. Ear wax builds up in the end in everyone’s ears, and some of us produce more ear wax than others. If your ears feel blocked, or you are experiencing what can only be described as a sudden hearing loss, or if sounds are suddenly muffled – like you are living in cotton wool – then you probably have too much ear wax stuck in your ear.

And if you have whistling or underperforming hearing aids, then in all likelihood you have ear wax that is preventing the hearing aids’ amplified noise from reaching your ear drum. We do not use pressurised water syringing, messy oil treatment, or ear buds that only push the wax in further.

The older we get, the more likely we are to have a hearing issue, and the more serious its repercussions. Most people over the age of 65 could benefit from ear care. Some form of hearing loss is almost inevitable at this stage of life, and, the older we get, the more our ear wax production increases – which means that a huge amount of relief and quality of life improvement is available from regular ear wax removal.

Hearing Clinic

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